English Landscapes

Our connection to the English landscape dates back centuries. The landscape is an integral part of the English identity and has been ever since the days of the great landscape painters Turner and Constable in the 18th century.

Today photography brings another dimension to how we can view the landscape. It helps us to appreciate even the tiniest details in the works of nature, whether in the nodules in a rock formation or the unique shapes of individual bluebells that carpet the floor of a meadow.

Paul Arthur has huge experience creating wonderful images of the English landscape. On this page you’ll find shots of sites such as Portland Bill, Whitby Pier, Porth Nanven in Cornwall and the Peak District in Derbyshire.

The beauty captured in landscape photography encourages us to take time out and to stand and stare. The English landscape is the greatest free show there is, all we have to do is take the time to look and we’re rewarded by its extraordinary natural beauty.

It’s a hugely varied natural beauty too, changing with the seasons and the time of the day. In the summer months the sun-kissed fields of golden barley and epic skies of the East Anglian flatlands become irresistible to the camera.

As autumn begins to bite the russet leaves on old lichen-covered trees have their own magic, and in the winter the spare, bleak northern dales and hills have a unique Romantic beauty.

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