Scottish Landscapes

The Scottish landscape is as rich, varied and spectacular as anywhere on earth. Its natural beauty and sublimity makes it seem such a feast for the eye that the landscape could almost have been formed deliberately for the camera.

The photographer is spoilt for wonderful locations here. In the Border Country are rolling hills and forests through which meander picturesque rivers like the Tweed and Esk. In the Lowlands you find vast forests and heather-clad slopes.

To the north and west in the Highlands and on the islands of the Hebrides are epic mountains, mysterious ancient monuments and crumbling, gothic castle ruins that stand on the mist-covered shores of deep-blue lochs.

Any one of these landscapes can make for an incredible photograph that draws in the eye of a viewer. A single image of the Scottish landscape can include everything from the still waters of a loch and a heather-covered glen running into the distance, to huge snow-capped peaks in the background that seem to pierce the clouds.

Placed in your home or office a Scottish landscape forms not only a simple image of a beautiful natural landscape but can induce an air of calm contemplation – it can even reduce your stress levels.

On this page you can view landscapes photographed by Paul Arthur as diverse as the Isle of Skye, Glencoe, the forests of Sutherland, and the Border Country and Tweed from Scott’s View.

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